M4/M15/M16 Other Brands

A wide range of bodyparts for M4 up to M16 models from different brands like G&G, ASG, Vector Optics & more..

G&G Frame Lock Pin for GR16

Available G-10-023
€ 1.70

BD M4 Body Pin Set

Out of stock BD8008
€ 6.50

BD AG-43 Grip for GBB M4

Available BD0111BK
€ 17.5 € 7.50

G&G Selector Set for GK16

limited available G-10-067
€ 12.50

G&G Selector Set for GR16

Available G-10-024
€ 12.50

G&G GR16 Blowback Plate

Available G-62-055
€ 16.00

G&G Steel Magazine Catch for GR16

Out of stock G-10-025
€ 17.45

ASG Retractable stock, M15/M4, desert

limited available 17600
€ 23.00

Retractable stock, M15/M4, black

limited available 17553
€ 23.00

G&G Reinforced Grip for T418 (Black)

limited available G-03-107
€ 33.60

G&G Reinforced Grip for T418 (Tan)

limited available G-03-107-1
€ 33.60

NUPROL BOCCA Series One Rail Black

limited available HA-NSR-01-BLK

BD LITE Style Aluminum 4 Inch RAIL -DE

limited available BD3760A
€ 51.00

BD LITE Style Aluminum 7 Inch RAIL -DE

limited available BD0296B
€ 64.50