Filling HPA Tank

Filling your HPA / Scuba Tank At Unit 13 Shop!
Need to fill your air tank for your airgun, airsoft or paintball? or diving ? This is now possible at Unit 13 Shop!
Read below for more information.

Airsoft guns HPA tanks
You can rely on us to fill your HPA airsoft tank that you use during airsoft.
We also have all the accessories to fill your HPA tank!

PCP Cylinder
At Unit 13 shop you can also have your PCP air rifle filled or the Cylinder.
Do you also want to be able to fill at home, but you don't have the right filling accessories? In the shop you can find everything you need to fill your airtube!

Dive Tank / Scuba
We also fill dive tanks so you can fill your HPA or PCP at home or when you're out shooting.
We can fill 200 and 300 bar dive tanks
If you wish to fill your diving tank, this is possible up to 15 liters. Filling your dive tank will take longer.

Paintball Tanks
We can also fill the air tanks for your paintball marker

If you have a compressed air tank or cylinder that is not in this list, feel free to email us or visit our store.

You can find us in:
Nusterweg 66
6136AC Sittard
Unit 13 shop BV