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Openingshours Unit 13 Shop:
Sunday and monday
Tuesday t/m Friday
Open from 12:00 hours 'till 17:00 hours Gunstore till 16:30
Open from 9:00 hours 'till 17:00 hours  Gunstore till 16:30

Vacation Time Note:

From 29th of July until 4th of August 2019 the gunstore will be closed.
Please note the supply store is open on regular openinghours, as also the online shop.

Openinghours Unit 13 Events:
Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday through Sunday
Open from 12:00 hours 'till 21:30 hours

Shop & visitor address:
Nusterweg 66, Sittard
6136 XB

Administration Address:
Postbus 375
6130AJ Sittard