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Questions regarding our products or website?

Openingshours Unit 13 Shop:
Tuesday till Friday
OPEN from 12:00 till 17:00 hours (Gunstore till 16.30)
OPEN vanaf 09:00 till 17:00 hours (Gunstore till 16.30)
Sunday & Monday

Pay attention! Due to Corona Lockdown, Unit 1 3 shop and the shootingrange are open on appointment only!
To make an appointment, mail to or send us a message through our whatssapp number or just call us.
This also applies on pick-up & collect orders!

Openingshours Unit 13 Events:
Wednesday till Sunday
OPEN from 12:00 till 21:30 hours
Monday & Tuesday

Pay attention! Unit 13 Events are closed until the 22nd of March due to the Corona lockdown

Shop & visitor address:
Nusterweg 66, Sittard
6136 XB

Administration Address:
Postbus 375
6130AJ Sittard

WhatsApp chat only no phone calls !