Sniper Rifle

A sniper rifle is a long weapon (often fitted with a scope) with which you can spot and dispose of your enemy. Often, these are single-shot, spring powered bolt action replica's.
Please note, the scope (and scope mounts) are sold seperatly. You can find these in our Replica Accessories catagory.
Also, we recommend to use 0.28g+ bb's in sniper replica's, for the best accuracy.

ASG AW.308 Sniper Rifle

Available 15908
€ 149.00

ASG AW.308 Gas Sniper Rifle

Limited 18517
€ 179.99

Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Sniper Black

Out of stock 135025
€ 229.95

Well MB08 Sniper Rifle BLACK

Available MB08D
€ 229.99

Well MB08 Sniper Rifle OD

Available MB08DG
€ 229.99

KJW M700 Take Down (GAS)

Out of stock M700TK
€ 245.00

Action Army AAC T10 Black

Available AACT10-BLK
€ 269.90

Action Army AAC T10 Tan

Available AACT10-FDE
€ 269.90

Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec

Available 135032
€ 294.95

Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec OD

Limited 135049
€ 299.90

Tokyo Marui L96 AWS Black

Available 135063
€ 309.90

Tokyo Marui L96 AWS OD

Available 135070
€ 309.90

Tokyo Marui M40A5 Black

Available 135124
€ 449.90

Tokyo Marui M40A5 OD

Available 135131
€ 449.90

G&G GM1903A3 (CO2)

Limited GGS-193-CO2-WNB-NCM
€ 479.95