In this category you will find all pellets that we have in our assortment.
Pellets, Also called diabolos, are available in different shapes and sizes.
The most common sizes are 4.5mm and 5.5mm, but there are more then the standard sizes.
 there are also exact sizes such as 4.52 or 5.51. these are used in specific rifles mostly used by professional shooters
Pellets with a round head are one of the standard versions of pellets, but there are also others shapes.
Pellets with a flat head are mostly used for shooting cards because the tear a nice round cirle in the card.
Pellets with a pointed head are usually used for hunting (other countrys) or plinking
Pellets with a Hollow Point expand during impact, which increases impact energy
There are also special pellets like the plumes and round metal bbs

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