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Home     XCortech Chronograph X3200 MK3
XCortech Chronograph X3200 MK3

XCortech Chronograph X3200 MK3

€ 79.99

Warehouse Location: M1-B8

XCortech Chronograph X3200 MK3


XCortech Chronograph X3200 MK3

Always wanted to know how hard/fast your replica shoots?
You can measure this with the Xcortech Chronograph. The new 3200 MK3 has improved sensors and the possibility to use an external micro-usb power supply!

* Has a 25 round memory bank for shot information
* Tripod ready!
* Works on 2x AA battery of external Micro-Usb power supply (Does not charge batteries. 5v 0.5A. Not included)
* Measures Rate of Fire (RPM, RPS)
* BB weight and Caliber input for measuring muzzle energy (Joule) and surface energy (Joule/cm2)
* 3 memory slots for saving the BB type setup
* Measures muzzle velocity (FPS-ft/s, m/s)
* Adjustable Backlight (HIGH, MID, LOW / On, Off, AUTO)
* Adjustable Contrast (0~29)
* Adjustable automatic shutdown
* Velocity range: 30~400 m/s
* ROF range: 100~5000 RPM
* Tubediameter: 24mm
* Dimensions: 113 x 97 x 55 mm
* Weight: 205g


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