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Slings (weapon belts), you can be mounted to your fire-arms for comfort.
That way they can be worn over the shoulder during campaigns  
These can be divided into three categories:

1 Point Sling
This type of sling is attached to only one point of your weapon. The weapon will be worn along your side, while your hands are free. This sling offers the possibillety to switch to shooting position on the fly!

2 Point sling.
This is the most traditional type of sling and commonly is attached to your weapon at 2 points, usually at both ends. Both points are connected by a belt that is worn over the shoulder. The length of the sling is usually easy to adjust through a clip or clasp.

3 Point sling.
This sling can be regarded as a type of harness, the weapon is attached to the shooter in a way having his hands free. Before getting in the shooting position the weapon should be detachet at the front mounting point quickly and easily.


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