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Home     Polarstar Fusion Engine M249
Polarstar Fusion Engine M249

Polarstar Fusion Engine M249

€ 499.00

Warehouse Location: Stell35-Bak8

Polarstar Fusion Engine M249

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Polarstar Fusion Engine M249

Pneumatic mechbox

The complete set to transform your AEG into an HPA system!
After removing your M249 gearbox it is easy to replace it with the Fusion Engine.

* Includes the Polarstar blue nozzle.

Max Velocity: (0.20g BB @ 120 PSI)
275mm Inner Barrel: 380 FPS
380mm Inner Barrel: 405 FPS
509mm Inner Barrel: 435 FPS

* Manufactured for the full 100% in the United States.
* Directe trigger response!
* Adjustable FPS and ROF!
* Firemodes like: fullauto, 3 round burst, semi, 2 round and 9 round burst.
* A very accurate system, with stable FPS by using HPA what is not effected by tempurature.
* Finetuning your dwell makes it possible for your magazine to feed perfectly!
* FPS can be adjusted by changing the nozzle. (not included)
* By using standard TM hopup, and innerbarrel you can use multiple aftermarket parts and AEG magazines.


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