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Home     Polarstar Fusion Engine Kit,V3,Gen3 AK/G36
Polarstar Fusion Engine Kit,V3,Gen3 AK/G36

Polarstar Fusion Engine Kit,V3,Gen3 AK/G36

€ 499.00

Warehouse Location: Stell35-Bak8


Polarstar Fusion Engine V3 Gen3, AK/G36

Pneumatic mechbox

The complete set to rebuild your AEG with a Version 3 gearbox to a HPA system.
After removing the version 3 gearbox, the Polarstar Fusion Engine is easily placeable.

*Pre-installed with a Blue Nozzle (AK):

Max Velocity: (0.20g BB @ 120 PSI)
275mm Inner Barrel: 380 FPS
380mm Inner Barrel: 405 FPS
509mm Inner Barrel: 435 FPS

* 100% Made in the USA
* Selectorplate: AK series
* Direct trigger response
* Adjustable FPS and ROF!
* Firemodes like: fullauto, 3 round burst, semi, 2 round and 9 round burst are easily to modify.
* Constant FPS, despite temperature changes. Due to this, its very accurate!
* Finetuning dwell makes sure that every magazine feeds perfectly!
* Maximal FPS can be altered with different nozzles (Not included)
* To be used in a standard TM spec AEG.


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