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PDI Variable Pitch Spring SS 4000

PDI Variable Pitch Spring SS 4000

For All Bolt Action Rifles

€ 21.07

Warehouse Location: Stell24-Bak5

PDI Variable Pitch Spring SS 4000


PDI Variable Pitch Spring SS 4000

Manufactured with Japanese craftsmanship, PDI's SS springs are part of the finest springs available for airsoft.
These springs are by far the most extreme springs on the market!
Fits in most sniper rifle set ups (PDI Piston and spring guide are needed).

* Manufactured by PDI
* Made from silicon-chrome steel.
* Length: ±250mm
* Outerdiameter: 13mm
* Innerdiameter: 11mm (For 9mm spring guides)
* Non Linear/Variable pitch, for ultimate performance
* Precision made! Despite the difference in looks/length, the power output is the same!
* Minimal shrinkage! Globally speaking, springs shrink about 15-20mm during use. PDI springs only shrink 5-13mm!
* ±600FPS output
*CAUTION! These springs are extremely strong!!! These are only suited for extreme setups!
* Please note! Only works with upgraded parts (Piston and spring guide) that are suited for a larger diameter spring! (PDI Piston and PDI 9mm spring guide are recommended)


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