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Home     MODIFY M4 Complete Upgraded V2 GearBox (Speed)
MODIFY M4 Complete Upgraded V2 GearBox (Speed)

MODIFY M4 Complete Upgraded V2 GearBox (Speed)

€ 199.95

Warehouse Location: Stell27-Bak5

MODIFY M4 Complete Upgraded V2 GearBox (Speed)


Modify M4 Complete Upgraded V2 Gearbox (Speed)

A complete reinforced upgraded V2 gearbox, Speed setup for a higher rate of fire!

*Reinforced V2 Gearbox Shell Specs:
 *Fluted shell, for better force distribution, lower weight and more efficient cooling
 *Inspection ports, to maintain and inspect the internals
 *Oversize high-torque screws, prevent loosening and hold everything tightly.
 *Internal and external reinforcements
*Tappetplate has lubrication grooves and cut-outs for minimal friction
*New design tappetplate groove on the front, for better performance!
*Gearbox Contains:
- M100 Spring
- Rotary Spring Guide
- Tappet Plate
- Modular Gear Set Speed (16.32.1)
- Selector Plate
- PolyCarb Piston
- PolyCarb Piston Head w/ Bearing
- Air Nozzle w/ Oring
- Steel 8mm Bushings
- Anti-Reverse Latch
- Modify 8mm Torus Mechbox Shell
- Aluminum Cylinder
- Aluminum Cylinder Head
- Cut Off Lever
- Low Resistent M4 Wiring Harness
- Front Wire Switch Assembly
- Comes with Deans plug


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