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Home     Klarus C4 Battery Charger
Klarus C4 Battery Charger

Klarus C4 Battery Charger

€ 16.50

Warehouse Location: Stell56-Bak1

Klarus C4 Battery Charger


Klarus C4 Battery Charger

A Quad multicharger for almost every rechargable battery!

*Can charge the following batteries (auto-detection):
 Li-ion:26650 22650 18650 18490 17670 17500 16340 14500 10440
*Can charge four batteries individually
*Automatic stop
*Overload-, reverse polarity- and short-circuitprotection
*Special -dV/dt Control technology to charge NiMH-NiCd even fuller!
*Special Zero-Voltage Li-Ion Revive system, to attempt to revive Li-Ion's that have been over-discharged!
• Output Voltage, Current:
 4.2V±1%V, 375mA×4  750mA×2
 3.6V±1%V, 375mA×4  750mA×2
 1.48V±1%V, 375mA×4  750mA×2
Slot 1 and 3, and slot 2 and 4 are grouped. When a battery is used in one single group, the charge current is 750mA


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