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Home     ICS MX5 Pro MS1 (SFS en MRS)
ICS MX5 Pro MS1 (SFS en MRS)

ICS MX5 Pro MS1 (SFS en MRS)

€ 349.50

Warehouse Location: M4 Stell8-Vak1


ICS MX5 Pro MS1 Folding Stock

ICS goes to the next level with this replica! High Tech internals!!

*Lower receiver: Industrial Grade Plastic Material
*FPS: 300 +/-
*Length: 490mm - 760mm
*Barrel length : 230mm
*Weight: 2800g
*Diameter barrel: 6.08mm  
*Battery type: Nunchuck/butterfly type
*Battery not included
*Burst, single and full auto fire modes  
*M.R.S. tactical handguard (Module Rail System)
*S.F.S. Stock (Sniper folding system) Folding and adjustable stock!
*The S.F.S. stock has 3 positie's in hoogte, en kan 4 posities in lengte versteld worden.
*The S.F.S has Quick Detatch sling mounts!
*6 different kinds of sights included
*ICS Split gear box
*Built in Fire Select System, with Mosfet, Burst controller and automatic spring release on safe
*Burst controller is adjustable for different burst settings! (Caution! Please follow the manual for setting the burst and single shot)

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