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BOL Avant Balance Charger

BOL Avant Balance Charger

LI-ION, LIPO, LIFE, NIMH, NICD 1-15cells balance charger

€ 88.50

Warehouse Location: M2 Pall2-P7


BOL Avant Balance Charger

Ni-MH / Ni-CD 1~15 cell  
LiPo / Lilon / LiFe 1~6 cell

* Different charge and discharge options voor different types of batteries.
* Charge rate of 0,1 - 5A and 0,1 - 25,2V
* Discharge rate of 0,1 - 1A
* Reverse polarity protection
* Self-protection and self-diagnosis options
* Not only a charger or discharger: It performes cyclic charge-discharge to refresh and balance batteries.
* Reversible graphic display
* Able to store 5 different sets of parameters
* With 110~240V AC switching power supply


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