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Home     ASCU Control Unit Gearbox Version 3, Gen 3+
ASCU Control Unit Gearbox Version 3, Gen 3+

ASCU Control Unit Gearbox Version 3, Gen 3+

€ 83.00

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ASCU Control Unit Gearbox Version 3, Gen 3+

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ASCU Control Unit Gearbox Version 3, Gen 3+

De ASCU (Airsoft Smart Control Unit) is an electric module wich will provide your AEG the same features as the most expensive and complexe PTW's. (Professional Training Weapon)

The third generation is much smaller and has more unique features. The ASCU comes with 4 different fire modes pre-installed.

The ASCU takes care of the gearbox always making a full cyclus, and is equiped with sensors to measure the cycle of your AEG.

* Mosfet system protects your trigger contacts.
* 4 Fire-modes
* Improved trigger response, feel and travel.
* Improved rate of fire, battery-life duur and spring durability.
* Compatible with most types of version 3 gearbox.
* Integrated Deep-Drain protection (for lipo use)
* Automatic power cut-off (Lipo users)
* G36 and AK Selector plate included
* Always a full fire cyclus of the gearbox due to the Active-Breaking.
* Take note!! The ASCU only works well with motor units with strong magnets!!
* Take note! Installation is recommended to be done by an experienced technician!

This product has one year factory warranty. Warranty forms are included to the packaging. (
Self installation is not covered by the Unit 13 Warrenty!

Terms and Conditions are not applicable on this item.


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